Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Garden Planning/ Garden Journal

Gardening is a hobby for a free spirit.  To garden you always are expecting the element of surprise.  Although we all know that nothing is ever set in stone with gardening, documenting your journey can help you to avoid mistakes.

 Not only do you learn from your mistakes, but you can keep records on how long it takes a plant to germinate, how tall or wide your plant will grow or when will you recieve fruit or flowers.  There are even unfortunate circumstances that you should record.  Such as when you have an invasion of pest, noxious weeds or drought conditions.

You might not see yourself as a scientist, but in a sense you are a scientist.  Gardening is a great science that doesn't end and can give you great outcome.  When you are growing heirlooms you are preserving a species that may be endangered, growing healthy vegetables can give you the knowledge as great as any nutritionist,  and having knowledge of herbs can bring knowledge that is expected of a pharmacist.

Do not discount yourself and assume the knowledge that us gardeners know isn't more valuable that what can be taught in a university.  Gardening requires research and for you to be intuitive.  Please check out my video on Garden Journaling.  It shows a very basic way to record your garden endeavors.  Happy Gardening and please subscribe to my youtube channel I have a lot of great knowledge I would love to share.  Also, check out my etsy shop we have lots of seeds on sale as cheap as 1 dollar . Brandy's Botany Bay Seed Shop
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