Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Growing a Venus fly trap has been a truly rewarding experience.  I purchased the plant over the summer and it has provided a interesting amount of growth.   It has caught a lot of flies that I was not even aware were in my home. 

The Venus flytrap can be a easy plant to grow if you follow instructions. ''

  • The Venus flytrap is a bog plant so it requires constant moisture.  It grows in a mixture of sand, and peat most so the soil is always a bit spongy.   When you water the Venus you want to be sure you use distilled water or rain water. 

  • Venus fly traps supply their own nutrients so there is no need to fertilize.  Those flies are more than enough.  When your flytrap catches a fly eventually the trap and that whole stem will die.  You want to remove the stem once it turns black.  If you do not remove those dead leaves your plant will suffer.

  • Do not tease your fly trap, inside of the mouth of the trap is a small trigger.  The trigger is a small hair like growth that when touched closes the mouth of the Venus. This takes energy and will stress the plant if it is not catching any bugs.

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Thursday, August 17, 2017


Did you know that dragon fruit is a cactus.   It starts out as a small spiky little cactus before it becomes a  large massive wild curved stick.  I've been growing my dragon fruit that I started from seed for almost three years and I am quite proud of it.  It does not require a lot of maintenance and I barely water it.

Please check out the video below where I show you how to grow a dragon fruit from seed. If you have any questions please feel free to leave them on my blog or ask them on my youtube  channel.

Please check out the video of my mini dragon fruits as well.

Omaha Doorly Zoo

I love Henry Doorly Zoo. It is full of things to do!There is a  aquarium, butterfly garden, animal rides and a of course a organized   selection of animals. For the past two years I makes sure I keep my membership up to date so I can enjoy festivities a well.   Please check out the fund video below of my previous visit to the zoo.  Please      Subscribe to my youtube channel.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Panda Pots In Bulk

Don't spin your wheels.   I used to go to the closes merchandiser and purchase pot in singles. That is a waste of time and money. In most cases you need a lot of pots to display for spring so its best to purchase them in larger quantity. Last summer I used panda pots.  They were plastic pot that had a terracotta look.  5 of the 12 inch diameter 3 1/2 gallon pots cost  29.00. Typically that would be the cost of one pot at your local store.

I also purchased their 4 inch starter pots and they come in a pack of  50 for $17.00 dollars and are made of recycled plastic. If you needed to purchase pots in bulk with panda pots they can be found at panda pots

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Creating a beautiful Garden

One of the most important moves for me is  growing plants that you don't typically see.  If you are going to grow a tomato grow a yellow, purple or  green one instead of the basic red.  Going to your neighborhood nursery will  give you the typical neighborhood look.   But, when you take the time to search for seeds that aren't typical you will stand out.

I have shopped all over the Internet for a wide variety of species. Then I decided to start my own seed  shop with the  off-springs of my adventures. I take great prided in being able to share with others and seeing how amazed they are when they grow great specimens.  Please check out my etsy shop Brandys Botany Bay.   Please subscribe to Brandy's Botany Bay youtube channel as well.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


If you like morning glories you will love the moon flower. Although, it does not have the color of a morning glory flower it doesn't pale in beauty. The flowers are extra large about the size of the palm of my hand.  The white is  so  bright it seems to  glow. Even the  buds  and seedpods are beautiful in their  own right. It is the perfect night flower for us insomniacs. Checkout my night video of the beautiful blooming flowers.

The pods after the moonflower has bloomed has a neat look as well.  they are very large and interesting to look at. Checkout the video below for a up close look at them.

Lastly,I dried out the pods and harvested the seeds .That was a fun process and very                               calming thing to do.

I tried to document start to finish of how to grow moonflower and my videos weren't quite perfect but they also were not worthless. This last video shows my moonflowers in the vining stages and seedling stages. Please subscribe to my youtube  channel to learn the techniques I use to grow plants. Please check out my etsy shop if you are interested in purchasing moonflowers and other varieties at Brandy's Botany Bay.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Moringa The Miracle Tree

 Moringa is also known as the miracle plant because it has a great reputation for healing many ailments. It has gained popularity as a medicinal herb over the past five years. It is a pretty simple herb to grow if you use the method I provide in my video below. 

The basic method is to start your seeds off with a good soak in water. This should be for about 2 days.  Then remove the seeds from the water for a day or two to  allow them to start  rooting.  Once they root place them in the dirt.   Do not allow them to root so long that they develop leaves and stems as they are in this picture above at that point they won't adapt to the soil well.

You can find Moringa seeds at my etsy shop by clicking on the link. Please don't forget that moringa is a very health herb that can be used for lowering blood sugar, lowering cholesterol, reducing inflammation, protecting against arsenic toxicity and some use it to regulate their fertility. Beyond it's medicinal uses don't forget how beneficial it is as a supplement:

  • 9 times the protein of yogurt
  • 10 times the vitamin A of carrots
  • 15 times the potassium of bananas
  • 17 times the calcium of milk
  • 12 times the vitamin C of oranges
  • 25 times the iron of spinach
Please check out the video below where I express how beatifically it has been for me during my recovery from a serious illness. The moringa in powder form that I use can be found here

If you prefer to have moringa in pill form check out the video below. In capsule for it just contains pure moringa in a vegan capsule.  It can be purchase  at this link.