Thursday, August 17, 2017


Did you know that dragon fruit is a cactus.   It starts out as a small spiky little cactus before it becomes a  large massive wild curved stick.  I've been growing my dragon fruit that I started from seed for almost three years and I am quite proud of it.  It does not require a lot of maintenance and I barely water it.

Please check out the video below where I show you how to grow a dragon fruit from seed. If you have any questions please feel free to leave them on my blog or ask them on my youtube  channel.

Please check out the video of my mini dragon fruits as well.

Omaha Doorly Zoo

I love Henry Doorly Zoo. It is full of things to do!There is a  aquarium, butterfly garden, animal rides and a of course a organized   selection of animals. For the past two years I makes sure I keep my membership up to date so I can enjoy festivities a well.   Please check out the fund video below of my previous visit to the zoo.  Please      Subscribe to my youtube channel.