Sunday, August 9, 2015

July Update


Everything is vining and taking off.   The jellymelon is up and climbing the cucumbers are flowering and the corn is growing quickly.  Since, I am in an apartment I am not able to plant most of my plants into the ground.  So I grew most of my plants in containers.  I find that plastic planters hold water much longer than terra-cotta pots.  With terra-cotta pots you have to frequently water the plants.

I am most impressed with how the herbs are growing.  I grew moringa, lemon balm and basil.  The smell of the herbs are such therapy for me.  Moringa is also known as the miracle plant because it has a great reputation for healing many ailments. It has gained popularity as a medicinal herb over the past five years.

The basils I chose to grow are both the normal green basil and a beautiful purple basil.  The lemon balm is growing to be very bushy very quickly.  I will re-pot the lemon balm as soon as possible since lemon balm is known to spread out quickly.  Overall, July has been a gardening success.