Sunday, February 26, 2012

Crazy Discovery

My family and I took a trip to Richard B Russell Dam in Elberton, Ga. Beside the lake my husband saw a crazy plant. I went to check it out and it appeared to be a fuzzy cabbage. It looked like the cabbage that cabbage patch kids come from! Ironically during a visit to Tybee Island, GA we discovered a plant that looked like lettuce growing out the sand in the beach.

I am amazed by these leafy impostors I'm glad I had my camera handy.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fruit and Spice Park, Homestead, Florida

I understand that a homestead can be defined as a farmhouse with land but Homestead, Florida is a stretch way beyond the imagination! During my visit to Miami I saw a brochure about the Fruit and Spice Park and it did not receive great reviews when i googled further info. But, it was only 30 minutes from Miami so I said what do I have to lose I'll form my own opinion once I get there even though the reviews were weak and to my surprise I was overwhelmed with discovery of such a wholesome place nesting right under the city of Miami
I saw peacock & parrots in flocks witness urban and rural farming intertwine together it seem mystical to me cause this is where my heart belongs. This was not the stereotype of what agriculture is all about. It seemed as if I was no longer in the US due to the exotic scenary. I saw dragon fruit orchard, many nurseries of tropical plants and even passed a bonsai farm. Just the ride out there was heavenly. When I finally arrived at the fruit and spice park there was so many beautiful fruit trees, tropical palms and coconuts as well as a large variety of plantains and bananas. This 35 acres of land was a eye opening experience. I would recommend it to anyone, it's the only park of its kind an offers a great deal of knowledge.

-Brandy & Derrick Alford

Camellia's Savannah Georgia