Tuesday, October 20, 2015

How To Grow Baobab Trees

I have always admired the beautiful Baobab tree.  I think it makes a wonderful bonsai. The trunk is so shapely, and it functions as a interesting way to store water. I know in the US its uncommon just grow a beautiful Baobab in your front yard due to the climate. Baobabs usually grow in Africa and Australia where it is warmer. But it is not impossible to grow them in the US.  

I started My Baobab from seed and it was not a hard thing to do!  I started my seeds with a unique process of using boiling water. Yes, you heard me right boiling water, a seed, and dirt was all I needed. .

I simply took the seeds and planted them 1/2 a inch deep in a pot of soil.  Then I poured the boiling water over the dirt and did not allow my plant to dry out. Keep in mind I  only used the boiling water method just once.  Once the plants sprouted I only watered when needed.

Please check the video below where I demonstrate the technique. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel because I am constantly finding interesting ways of growing amazing plants. If you would like to purchase baobab tree seeds they can be found at the following link.