Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sprouts, Sprouts And More Sprouts

Growing plants outside of there typical zone can be a challenge. I enjoy growing plants from tropical regions such as Africa and South American but there is extra care that has to go into them.   Lighting is a serious factor.  Although outside conditions maybe too harsh for the plant, when you bring them indoors you might need them to have them facing a window or you may need to purchase a grow light.  Desert plants like cacti and succulents require the warm conditions that maybe optimal outdoors but too much rain can kill them instantly.  Be sure you place them in a place that is guarded from the rain.  I place them in a area where my roof extends and prevents the rainfall from effecting my plants.  

A greenhouse is nice place to store your tropical plants if they are place in decent place in your garden.   If the greenhouse is under direct sun it will basically bake all of the plants inside.  If it is place in a place that is too shaded it will become a breeding ground for Roly Polies which enjoy feasting off of young sprouts and struggling seedlings.

So pay attention to your plants needs.  They all don't have the same requirements so be mindful to gather plants together that fall into the same category or require the same care. 

Grow A Herb Garden

Having a kitchen garden is super important. Essential herbs are great for culinary and medicinal purposes.  One of my favorite herbs to grow is mint.  It can be invasive and take over your whole    yard if you let it.  However, that is what I like about it.  It grows strong and spreads with little care.  You have it whenever you need it.  I love the smell of it as well.

Basil is another favorite because it has so many culinary uses.  It goes perfectly with tomato.  It also has a sweet spicy aroma that is all its own.  Cilantro is also a multifaceted herb to grow, it adds the perfect touch to Mexican cuisine.  It also has such a fresh taste that it compliments just about any vegetable.  If you are interested  in learning more about herbs and growing strategies please check out my YouTube channel.
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How To Grow A Mango

Growing fruit trees is simpler than you think.  Even the most exotic fruits can be mastered, with a little patience.  I really wanted to grow a mango tree and I worked at it until I found a technique that works. The first thing you must do is remove the seed from the seed coat.  You can score the outside of the seed coat and then cut through it with a knife, be gentle so you do not damage the seed inside.
When see the actual seed it is not intimidating at all.  It looks a lot like a basic bean.   Place the seed inside of a wet napkin and place the napkin inside of a a plastic bag.  Place the bag in a dark place and wait about a week.  You should receive beautiful roots, and your seed would be ready to place in dirt.  Once you place it in the dirt it will flourish into a beautiful plant.

My mango tree is over a year old.  It is growing very slowly but is very strong.  Please check out my video update of my mango, feel free to subscribe to my channel.