Friday, December 13, 2013

B-100 Complex For Recovery After Illness

Recovery from a chronic illness isn’t always easy.  I battle with anemia and it has been a challenge.  I went through blood transfusions and was given potassium and iron to get back to my normal level.  However, after I was back to what was considered homeostasis I continued to feel tired.  Well the most important step in dealing with my situation was ensuring that I had enough iron in my system.  

After removing the uterine fibroid that was causing the anemia and regulating my iron level I still felt tired as a result of the long term effects of being iron deficient.  I knew I needed something further that could that could give me balance.  After researching I discovered that Vitamin B-100 Complex Tablets are ideal for treatment after a long term illness.  It also assist with vitamin deficiency, and gradually releases vitamins in the body that assist over a longer period of time.  It also helps in energy boosting, and regulates metabolic activities.  
Basically, B-100 complex are essential for red blood cell development, energy and metabolism activities, mental clarity, cell repair and maintaining your immune system.  There are many benefits from using 1001 Natural B-100 complex, it assist with tiredness, lack of energy and fatigue.  It also contributes to clear skin, healthy hair and eye care.
     I did not use vitamin B for my anemia, I used it to help me to recuperate from the effects 
    from not being in optimal health.  B-100 complex can assist in recovering from any long or                                          
short term illness.  Because, it works to repair cells.  If you suffer from a vitamin deficiency, are recovering from an illness or have a weak immune system I suggest you try Natural 1001 B-100 Complex , they have a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. 

Maintenance Cleanse

Often we are told that illness start in our gut, or we have held the old adage you are what you eat.  But what exactly does that mean.  Our food is meant to be enjoyable as well as provide the nutrients our body needs.  So why are there so many stipulations on food?

A Maintenance Cleanse is a necessity to ensure that we remove toxins from our body. It removes foreign toxins from the blood, urine and colon safely.  We hold a lot of toxics from our food within our bodies.  These include food additives, pesticides, highly processed or genetically modified food and chemical ingredients like food dyes and chemical flavor such as MSG and Aspartame.  

The Maintenance Cleanse is taken by mouth three capsules daily with meals. It uses natural ingredients such as Psyllium Husks, Bentonite Clay, Black Walnut Powder, Oat Bran Powder, Aloe Powder and many other beneficial fibers.  With help from “colon-cleansing fibers” your are releasing built up toxins that are stored in your colon.  This takes stress off your digestive track and allows nutrients to be properly absorbed into the body.

How is a Maintenance Cleanse Beneficial?
To dissolve and remove toxin and congestions that formed inside our body, can prevent heart attacks or pancreatic cancer.  A maintenance clean also cleanses our kidneys and the digestive system.  Thus, we eliminate all the waste and harden material from our joints, and muscles. Detoxing purify the glands and cells throughout the entire body and allows us to enjoy Purifying Properties.

A maintenance cleanse is necessary in adulthood.  There are environmental factors that add stress on our body.  We are often exposed to volatile organic compounds also known as  (Vocs) that are linked to several adverse health effects such as kidney damage, immune system issues, blood disorders and respiratory problems.  Since we can not totally eliminate these pollutants from the environment it is a necessity that we remove the remnants from our body.