Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stop Dragging Spring

Winter is almost over, and Spring is dragging her feet. I was so excited to finally feel the sun kiss my skin. I am miserable in the winter, my sweaters itches, my bones ache and my nose runs. The other day I went outside and realized that I left my poor baby sago palm outside in the harsh, brutal winter and she passed on...Or so she appears that way. I have been babysitting that poor baby for about 6 years and screwed up her life in one season. God willing, she will be back.. extra TLC and we will see what happens.

I looked in my back yard and it now looks like a grave yard of garden dreams. You would have never imagined how many species of bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and fruit-jacking-rabbits used to visit. I look forward to the potential of this years harvest. How much can I fit in this space without disturbing the neighbors? I so look forward to my own sweet harvest instead of the butt whooping that Kroger and Publix puts on my wallet.