Thursday, May 21, 2009

Brandy's Botany Bay

I began gardening at age 4. My first plant was a avocado tree, and years later I continued on with the gardening journey. I attempted to grow anything I could put in the ground from sunflower seeds from my bird feeder to refrigerated bean sprouts mom would use for stir-fried dinner. As years progressed my interest in botany has grown. I am now 30 years old and have used my green thumb to keep my family feed. ( I would encourage anyone to stop paying Kroger/ Publix or whomever's prices and grow your own food).
Through the unstable economy I found myself working a job that pays less than I made 10 years ago. I decided that the appropriate thing to do is to use my hobby to create more income. While watching my mentor Martha Stewart discuss selling homemade items on a network, I figured out a way to implement my hobby into income! I decide to post my heirloom seeds on
So far to date I have only had 8 sales but this has encouraged me to work harder.

After discovering Etsy I began reading the blogs of other etsian whom I found to be very creative. One particular etsian made a blog about seed resellers. She stated that people are buying seeds wholesale and selling them for a very low price and how that effects others whom sell seeds. My first response to reading this was " So what, how can you be upset with someone for selling seed and feel that you are being under-cutted when you have well over five hundred sells" But after seriously thinking about this process, I fully understand why she is upset.
When collecting seeds you can endure bee stings, the smell of rotten tomatoes, you have to ensure that your seeds are completely dry to prevent molding, or fungus and you should also keep things organized.
Well now I am hating too....after reading which people were practicing these dishonest selling procedures I was upset that I had made a purchase from one of them.

But I also feel that I did not want to be labeled as a dishonest seller so I choose to blog all of my work . I will also blog about my journey towards becoming a botanist and many other discoveries. I hope you all enjoy my blogs and I am interested in any suggests that may bring me closer to success.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


One of my fondiest joys of life is enjoying the sunshine on my back, and putting a seed into the earth.   When I discovered the possiblity of sharing my seeds with the world, I embarked on a new journey.