Saturday, September 28, 2013

Wrens, GA Gourd Farm

Everyone that has visited my home knows I grow a ridiculous amount of gourds, Which in most cases I do not use. However the person whom owns this gourd farm has my upmost respect. What a display!

Growing African violets from cuttings

The African violet is one of the sweetest little flowers I know.  She is pretty particular about how she is cared for, yet she isn't too fussy.  In the video above I demonstrate how to grow a African Violet from cuttings.  I think we should always have a little clone around in case something happens to our host plant.  (Clone does not always mean Genetically Engineered.)

Cloning can save your plants species, and also allow you to share with a friend of family member.  The technique I am using is completely nature and does not require growth hormones, or anything extreme.  Dirt, Water, Sunshine and Gods Blessing is more than enough for me!!!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Identity Theft Prevention

As a freelance writer I am constantly working with different companies online. In the process of gaining employment through these virtual employers, I have to give away very personal information during the application process. in order to get paid  This is quite risky since there are hackers, scams and copy cat websites.  I research the companies I work with however, you can never be too sure in the Internet age.

I decided to protect myself by using 5LINX ID GUARD to avoid Identity theft.  For $14.00 a month I receive Anti-Virus & Spyware, Theft Insurance, and Identity Restoration Services. 5LINX ID GUARD not only protects my identity online,  but also through the postal service, bank and it monitors my credit card profile.

The best thing about 5LINX ID GUARD is that you get a personal web page, where you can check up on your identity report at anytime of day. Unlike the leading identity theft service, 5LINX ID GUARD will lock down your credit if there are any suspicion or fraudulent activity regarding your credit.  They also provide services outside of the norm such as stopping junk mail, sharing information on how to prevent identity theft  and they even inform me about ID theft statistics.  

I would suggest 5LINX ID GUARD to anyone.  $14.99 isn't a lot of money to protect yourself from fraud.  Since virtually everything is done online , you never know what happens to your applications after you apply for a job, credit card, or who the customer service person is on the other line asking for the last four digits of social security number.  5LINX ID GUARD is a necessity. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Ruff Riderz is really helpful site for information on riding bikes. I have been interested in buying a bike for a while. After, checking out the spec’s of the crotch-rockets On crotchrocket, I feel I have a better understanding which bike works best for me. I have always been drawn to the Ducati however, I have a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14 budget. It is important to find the crotch-rocket that is best suited to your lifestyle, budget and most important the safest. It’s a good thing that there was a speed limit after the Suzuki Hayabusa, GSX 1300R hit the highest speed. It’s very easy to pick up speed and not be aware of how fast you are going. Easiness to handle is important is often overlooked in pursuit to express style. Checkout It’s makes comparing bikes much easier and cuts down my research. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Out of the country without a charger

If you are ever in a bind and you are in the UK  and need a charger for you Ipod, Iphone, or Apple device don't hesitate to check out They will delivery your order quickly and you will be satisfied with the price.  It is much cheaper than impulsively going to a tourist attraction to buy a charger and much more convient since apple stores are not located everywhere.  The great thing about the Veo-Charger is that it has great quality, since it can hold up as well as the Apple charger.