Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Growing Moonflowers

Growing Moonflowers is so rewarding.The are very easy to start. You  receive these humongous seeds. That don't require a lot to germinate.  But, I do  suggest soaking them in water  the day before you plant them so they can have a jump start.  They spiral and twirl everywhere because they are climbing or vining flowers. They thrive very well on gates, trellis,and harbors.

Moonflowers, are in the Ipomoea family so if you can grow morning glories you can grow Moonflowers. Although,morning glories come in a  array of   colors and patterns moonflowers are usually white or  cream colored. Please check out the video above how I started my moonflowers.  Please check out the video below to see the big beautiful blooms.

Lastly, check out the video on how to save your moonflower seeds. If you would like to grow some moonflower seeds check out my online store  @Brandysbotanybay .Happy Gardening.

How to grow a baobab tree quickly

I enjoy teaching people  how to grow exotic  plants on my youtube channel. One of my most popular    videos is the "How to grow a   baobab tree quickly video"  I discovered a technique where you  pour boiling water over the planted seed to  jump start the germination process. Once you have poured the   boiling water over the seed place the pot into a plastic bag to keep it moist.

Within   two weeks you will have a beautiful sprouting sapling.  I've had my baobab for 3 years and have watch them change from season to season. They are very interesting and it is amazing how they grow so far from their native home.