Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Lauritzen Botanical Garden

I attempt to visit A Botanical Gardens or Nature Preserve in every state that I visit. The Lauritzen Garden of Omaha, NE  is a beautiful 4 acre garden that includes a elaborate greenhouse.  It has a variety of themes that change every couple of months and is rather interesting.  I just happen to visit during a Leggo exhibit.  There were Legos that represent beautiful woodland creatures as well as benefical insects.

They also provide transportation through the garden which have a variety of themes .  My favorite is toy train exhibit which has a very large train track that roams through the garden.  There is also a real train exhibit that takes you through the history of how the railroad system was important to Omaha.

If you want to heighten your senses check out the rose garden.  There are tons of beautiful roses that are in bloom with various smells, color and species.   Check out the photos of my family and I enjoying our time at this peaceful retreat.  Also check out my seed shop we have a lot of great seeds on sale @  My Seed Shop: Brandy's Botany Bay

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