Saturday, November 2, 2013

Building healthy diets

How to get your kids to eat new foods 

Children are naturally curious, we often assume they will not eat healthy foods.  The best way to ensure you children maintain a healthy diet is to limit unhealthy choices.  Allow children to try foods that are not typical.  For example heirloom vegetables come in many colors, it very exciting to a child to eat blue carrots or black tomatoes.  Although these vegetables aren't always available you can try growing them and involve your children in the process from start to finish.

Children love to help in the garden and help in the kitchen as well.  The skills you incorporate in your children's today are life skills that can carry them a long way.  Teaching children how to eat well increases their lives, contributes to their happiness and is a great way to bond.

1.  Allow your children to pick out fruit and vegetables they would like to eat.

2.  Eat as a family, Do not force your children to eat foods you would not eat.

3.  Allow your children to help in the kitchen.

4.  Start a kitchen garden

5. Take your children to farmers markets and allow them to meet  local farmers.

6.  Cook well, if you can't cook well ....follow a cookbook.

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