Thursday, June 29, 2017

Panda Pots In Bulk

Don't spin your wheels.   I used to go to the closes merchandiser and purchase pot in singles. That is a waste of time and money. In most cases you need a lot of pots to display for spring so its best to purchase them in larger quantity. Last summer I used panda pots.  They were plastic pot that had a terracotta look.  5 of the 12 inch diameter 3 1/2 gallon pots cost  29.00. Typically that would be the cost of one pot at your local store.

I also purchased their 4 inch starter pots and they come in a pack of  50 for $17.00 dollars and are made of recycled plastic. If you needed to purchase pots in bulk with panda pots they can be found at panda pots

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