Wednesday, June 21, 2017


If you like morning glories you will love the moon flower. Although, it does not have the color of a morning glory flower it doesn't pale in beauty. The flowers are extra large about the size of the palm of my hand.  The white is  so  bright it seems to  glow. Even the  buds  and seedpods are beautiful in their  own right. It is the perfect night flower for us insomniacs. Checkout my night video of the beautiful blooming flowers.

The pods after the moonflower has bloomed has a neat look as well.  they are very large and interesting to look at. Checkout the video below for a up close look at them.

Lastly,I dried out the pods and harvested the seeds .That was a fun process and very                               calming thing to do.

I tried to document start to finish of how to grow moonflower and my videos weren't quite perfect but they also were not worthless. This last video shows my moonflowers in the vining stages and seedling stages. Please subscribe to my youtube  channel to learn the techniques I use to grow plants. Please check out my etsy shop if you are interested in purchasing moonflowers and other varieties at Brandy's Botany Bay.

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