Saturday, May 20, 2017

Are Video Games Good For Kids?

Kids don't  play outside like they used to.  Most children prefer to stay inside and play video games. I will admit my kids like to sit inside and play video games too. But, I do push them outside and tell them to enjoy nature. Brandon started his own little garden and started with growing clovers. 

However, in the process he discovered a little friend. He chased around this little frog and had a great time. My only issue with Brandon was convincing him not to mess with every animal that he saw.

For example, he came inside the house one day and told me that he was trying to catch a giant guinea pig. He said that the guinea pig was very pretty and it was black with a pretty white stripe down its back. He said he tried to chase it but it ran away. Judging  by his description I discovered he was actually talking about a skunk. I am so glad he didn't get sprayed. 

I will admit I am highly impressed by Brandon's infatuation with nature.  It seems that most animals enjoy his company as much as he enjoys theirs.  I do my best to encourage him with by frequent trips to the zoo and purchasing books about animals. 

Thanks to his love of video games like Minecraft, Terraria he has learned about rocks and minerals.Yes, he is a all around nature boy.        
But as much as  I want to condemn video games like most parents I did  notice there is certain knowledge that he has gained that was not provided by his homework. When I hear him talking about uranium, obsidian, quartz and I am not mad at all. Minecraft and Geometry dash have given him extra math and team-building skills. I guess the best thing we can do as parents and make sure there is a balance. We have to make sure they get their physical activity and monitor what games they play.

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