Monday, January 2, 2017

Strawberries are essental for the home garden

Strawberries are a absolute necessity for the garden, especially if you have children.  Nothing brings me more joy than watching my children eating June baring strawberries straight from our own garden.  The most rewarding thing about strawberries is how they reproduce quickly and in more than one way.  They throw out runners that create more strawberry plants  you can enjoy even more the next year.  The seeds also can plant themselves and spread. You can start with a few strawberries and essentially end up with a large strawberry patch.  It beats paying $3.50 at the grocery store a few times a month and it is a healthy lifestyle in general.  We just aren't eating as many fruit as we used to .  Check out the youtube video below of my garden.  I encourage you to grow your own strawberries, whether you plant them in the grow or in pots.  

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