Friday, January 20, 2017

Fingerprint Fava Beans

Fingerprint Fava Beans are my latest adventure.  I purchased the seeds from   This my second time growing Fingerprint Fava, the last time I grew them the cold killed them right after they flowered. I didn't get the opportunity to enjoy as many beans as I would have liked to.  I am not impressed by the flavor of flava beans, a matter of fact I prefer lima beans.  But, the look of them is amazing.  They look like they are made of wood.  They all have their own perfect design.

As I stated before this is my second time growing them so I know the pro's and con's.  The con is that they must be extremely sweet because slugs, rollie pollies and other bugs love to eat them as soon as they sprout.  With the destruction of the seed in most cases the plant does not flourish.  So as a precaution, I decided to sprout the seed before placing them in the dirt.
I simply place them in a napkin, wet the napkin and placed them in a 
plastic bag until they sprouted.  Five out of five of the beans had roots in a week in a half.  So I placed them in the dirt and they are growing in my grow room inside of my house.  I had to make sure I started early so I could enjoy the plant throughout summer and spring.    Check out the video below of my grow room.   Please subscribe to my youtube channel and feel free to comment as well.

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