Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Growing Tree Collards from Cuttings

Perennials are the most helpful plants to keep in your garden.  Once they are started they take care of themselves and bring seasons of rewards.  One of the best kind of perennials are those that are edible.  I recently purchased some tree collards cuttings, which will provide years of fresh greens. They are very simple to grow and only require soil, water and sun.  I added cinnamon to assist my tree collard cutting with rooting.  Cinnamon has anti-fungal properties that can prevent rot.  However, it is not required to use a rooting hormone or an anti-fungal treatment at all , that is just my preference.  Tree Collards can handle temperatures as low as 20 degrees, in some cases they may simply die back if the temperature goes any lower.

Tree Collards can grow up to nine feet tall and can thrive in your garden for up to twenty years.  Although tree collards are known for thriving on an average of five years.

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