Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Regulating Insomnia

A restful night of sleep is necessary for us to experience focus and recuperate from the stressors of the previous day.  When we do not experience fulfilled sleep we suffer from psychological and physiological responses.  Sleep is necessary for healing, our bodies internal clock and allowing our mind to rest.  Many people suffer from extreme insomnia and look for a resolution to end their restlessness.

Melatonin is a natural occurring hormone in the body and is found naturally in humans, animals, plants and even microbes.  It is involved in our regulation of sleep and wakefulness.
It is located in our pineal gland and is most active in the dark.   The amount of sleep you enjoy  is regulated by the amount of melatonin produced by your body.  As we age our level of melatonin dwindles.  

1001 Natural Melatonin can assist in working towards restful nights.  It can be taken by mouth at  your estimated bedtime with 8 oz of water.  For the best result chew the table or allow it to dissolve inside of the mouth.  1001 Natural Melatonin is formulated to increase your REM in your sleep cycle and provided a better quality of sleep.  Its basic property  is antioxidants which are used as a defense against free radicals.  

After receiving more restful nights, most people notice their whole attitude changes.  A better attitude can improve anyones quality of life.  Feeling rejuvenated is beneficial inside and out this includes skin improvements, a regulated diet and anti-aging.  1001 Natural Melatonin is not like a typical sleeping pill,l it contains natural ingredients that assist in improving your sleep and it also maintains your blood pressure ( If it is in the normal range) .  Try 1001 Natural Melatonin to see if is beneficial to you.  1001 Natural offers a 30 day Money Back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

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