Friday, September 27, 2013

Identity Theft Prevention

As a freelance writer I am constantly working with different companies online. In the process of gaining employment through these virtual employers, I have to give away very personal information during the application process. in order to get paid  This is quite risky since there are hackers, scams and copy cat websites.  I research the companies I work with however, you can never be too sure in the Internet age.

I decided to protect myself by using 5LINX ID GUARD to avoid Identity theft.  For $14.00 a month I receive Anti-Virus & Spyware, Theft Insurance, and Identity Restoration Services. 5LINX ID GUARD not only protects my identity online,  but also through the postal service, bank and it monitors my credit card profile.

The best thing about 5LINX ID GUARD is that you get a personal web page, where you can check up on your identity report at anytime of day. Unlike the leading identity theft service, 5LINX ID GUARD will lock down your credit if there are any suspicion or fraudulent activity regarding your credit.  They also provide services outside of the norm such as stopping junk mail, sharing information on how to prevent identity theft  and they even inform me about ID theft statistics.  

I would suggest 5LINX ID GUARD to anyone.  $14.99 isn't a lot of money to protect yourself from fraud.  Since virtually everything is done online , you never know what happens to your applications after you apply for a job, credit card, or who the customer service person is on the other line asking for the last four digits of social security number.  5LINX ID GUARD is a necessity. 

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