Thursday, April 25, 2013


The greatest thing about spring is that we can finally enjoy the weather. I am a tropical person, so having sun is a necessity. One of my childhood joys was riding a bike, I forgot how peaceful a good bike ride could be until I was stuck without a car and had no other choice. Riding to work soothed my nerves so much that I preferred the bike oppose to a taxi rides or bus rides. Independence is a necessity, and riding a bike at 34 doesn't have to be a embarrassment. I checked out etsy and found so many interesting one of a kind bags and bike accessories that I thought I made bike riding sexy. Riding a bike kept me fit and showed of my environmental earthy side. I Seriously can't wait to take a bike ride through the nature preserve with my family. But, first I need to teach my five year old to ride a bike. He's been on a radio flyer tricycle for quite some time.
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