Friday, January 20, 2012

Thorny Tree Seeds , Miami Springs

After observing this thorny tree, I was curious of what it was protecting. Thorns can be seen as a defense mechanism for a plant. For example rose bush thorns protect sweet smelling flower. Well the thorny tree had what appeared to be fruit hanging off of it. I decide to grab one and to my surprise it was wooden and possibly a large nut. I sat it on my table for later use. After a few days it split open like a blooming flower. I assume it would have one large seed inside. However, the large seed inside split open as well and exposed hundreds of seeds. Oh joy , that elevates the odds of having a few bonsai's . I'm very excited by my new discovery and with so many options I can't decide whether I should directly plant, cold stratify , or what soil does best . I love nature , such a challenge .
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